Installation Support

Installation Support

Here you will find information on installation adjustment and maintenance of HOPPE products for your home. Proper care will ensure that your HOPPE products will provide many years of service.

If you need replacement parts and product, you can contact our distributor,

Distributors for HOPPE North America

Cylinder Information

Cylinder and Rekeying

Hinge Information

HOPPE Adjustable Hinge Installation Instructions

Handle Set Information

HLS®9000 Multipoint Swing Door Handle Operation Instructions

HLS®9000 Swing Door Handle Installation

HLS®9000 Swing Door Handle Installation with Bunas

HLS®9000 Swing Door Quick-Fit Handle Installation

HLS®9000 Swing Door Quick-Fit Handle Installation with Bunas

HLS®9000 Fixed (Dummy) Handle Installation

HLS®9000 Aluminum Fixed (Dummy) Handle Installation

HLS®9000 Stainless Steel Handle Installation

HLS®9000 Bronze Handle Installation

HLS®9000 Bronze Fixed (Dummy) Handle Installation

Swing Door Information

HLS®9000 Multipoint Hardware System Terminology

HLS®9000 Multipoint Top Extension Attachment Information

HLS®9000 Multipoint Hardware Instructions

HLS®9000 Active Panel Shootbolt Hardware Assembly Instructions

HLS®9000 Inactive Panel Hardware Assembly Instructions

Sliding Door Information

HLS®9000 Sliding Handle Installation

Dallas Sliding Handle Installation

Legacy Hardware

Sliding Door Information

Multipoint Sliding Door Handle Operation Instructions

Sliding Door Handle Set Installation Instructions

Multipoint Sliding Door Hardware Installation Instructions